Installing RettiPay on your WooCommerce website.

To install RettiPay on your WooCommerce website, we'll need to do four things:

  • Sign up for a RettiPay account
  • Install the RettiPay Wordpress plugin
  • Link your plugin to your RettiPay account
  • Set your discounts and products available for cryptocurrency
We'll assume that you already have a RettiPay account set up, so we'll move on to installing the plugin.

Download and Install RettiPay for WooCommerce

First, we need to download the plugin. Click here to download the plugin. Optionally, go to your Wordpress admin page, and navigate to Plugins > Add New


In the search box, search for "RettiPay", and click on "Install Now" when you find it. Once the plugin has finished installing, click "Activate".

Linking the plugin with your RettiPay account

Within your WordPress admin area, navigate to the WooCommerce > Settings > Payments page and you will see RettiPay in the list of available payment gateways. Click the "Manage" button on the right hand side.


After you click the "Manage" button, you will be taken to the settings page for RettiPay. Here you can configure your API keys, webhook secrets, discounts, and more. In order for the plugin to be connected, there are a couple of things we'll be doing:

  1. Creating an API key
  2. Setting your webhook secret and linking your store
  3. Setting discounts for products

Creating an API key

On your RettiPay dashboard, scroll down to the "API keys" section and click on "Create an API key".


Once your API key has been created, copy it down. Note that we will only show you this key once.


Now that you have the API key copied, we're going to go back to our Wordpress backend. Once there, in the RettiPay plugin settings, paste the key under the box labeled "API Key".


Setting your webhook secret and linking your store

Now we're going to get our webhook secret and add it to the RettiPay plugin. Back on your RettiPay dashboard, scroll to the "Webhooks" section. Once there, click the "View Webhook Secret" button.


Copy the value shown. Back on your Wordpress admin, paste the value into the box labeled "Webhook Shared Secret".


Lastly, we're going to copy the URL given to us under the "Webhook Shared Secret" box, and add it to our RettiPay dashboard. Copy the URL given to you under step 2 in your Wordpress admin, then go back to your RettiPay dashboard. Under the "Webhooks" section, there will be a button that says "Add URL". Click the "Add URL" button, paste in the URL given, and click "OK".


Back on your Wordpress admin page, click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the RettiPay settings page, under the label that says "Debug Log".

Setting discounts and available products for cryptocurrency

Now that you have successfully installed the plugin, let's walk through how to set specific discounts for your products. RettiPay allows you to either set discounts on a per-product basis, or use a site-wide discount that is applied to every product that you accept cryptocurrency for. Let's walk through how to set each one of those up.

Discounts on a specific product

In your Wordpress admin page, navigate to any product. Under the "General" tab, under the sale price, you will see some new fields that the RettiPay plugin has added:

  • Allow RettiPay payments for this product: This one is pretty self explanatory. Check this box if you want to allow your customer to pay for this product with cryptocurrency.

  • User pays: This field determines how much of the product total you want your user to pay in cryptocurrency, as a percentage.

  • User discount: This field determines how much of the product total you will take off after a successful RettiPay payment, as a percentage.


Let's go through the settings on the product above. This product's regular price is, $24.99, but is currently on sale for $19.99. The "User pays" field is set to 5, and the "User discount" field is set to 15. This means that if the user pays for this in cryptocurrency, they will pay for 5% of the product total in cryptocurrency, and receive a 15% discount after they have paid. The numbers look like this:

  • User pays $1.00 in cryptocurrency (rounded up)
  • User receives $3.00 off their order
This leads to an effective discount rate of 10%, since you are still receiving 5% of product total, just in a cryptocurrency.

Set these two fields to whatever you wish! We advise using increments of 10 when creating discounts, and to always remember that your net discount is your "User discount" field, minus your "User pays" field.

Once you have selected whether or not your want to allow this product to be purchased with cryptocurrency, as well as your user pays and user discount fields, click the "Update" button at the top right of the page to update your product to save it.

Site Wide Discounts

Let's say you want to just have one flat discount for all of the products you want to take cryptocurrency for - this is where the site wide discount rules come in. If these rules are enabled, then they will override any individual product rules that you already have set.

On the "Manage" page of the RettiPay WooCommerce plugin, you will see a checkbox with the label "Enable Site Wide Product Discount Rules"


If this checkbox is enabled, then any product that has RettiPay enabled will use the discount rates set below the checkbox.

To set your site wide discount rates, fill in the "Product percentage to pay" and "Product percentage of discount" fields right below the checkbox to enable site wide discounts.


The "Product percentage to pay" and "Product percentage of discount" fields are just like the "User pays" and "User discount" fields back on the product page:

  • "Product percentage to pay" is how much of the product total the user will pay in cryptocurrency, as a percentage.
  • "Product percentage of discount" is how much of the product total the user will receive as a discount, as a percentage.

That's it! RettiPay has been installed on your WordPress site. Your customers will now automatically have the option to pay for part of, or all of their order, with cryptocurrency. Remember, if you have any questions regarding installation or anything else, don't hesitate to email us at [email protected].